"After the first treatment for my chronic back pain I was able to move better than I had for almost 20 years."
-- A.H., Missoula, MT


"I was referred to Shana by a co-worker of my daughter, whose wife is a patient. I had been having quite a bit of pain in my left hip and lower back which made walking any distance or using stairs painful. I had already visited my chiropractor over the last few months to work on the problem. The treatments helped but invariably seemed to wear off after a few days or a week. I read 'Shane's Heart of Healing' web site in advance and really didn't know quite what to expect. 

I have an open mind and the thought of using mind, body and spirit made so much sense to me. Just walking into the office had a peaceful and calming effect. It just feels like a safe, peaceful place. The treatment was so much more than I could have ever expected. There was only gentle touch with the warmest hands I have ever felt. I just felt deep relaxation and complete peace. 

Just by holding my feet, Shana stated that before she could address my left hip, she would have to start on my right knee, which was causing the other problems. I never mentioned that I had a total knee replacement about 10 years earlier, so I was a little surprised that she honed in on that injury. Time just seemed to drift away and I just felt totally cared for and cradled in peace. It wasn't just my hips and knees that were helped. My neck and shoulders always seem to hold my stress and I am usually "bunched up". She held my neck and I could just feel the tightness evaporate. 

I walked out of the office without a limp and feeling about 6 inches taller than when I limped in. This was by far the best experience of my life and I highly recommend Shana more than I can say."
-- M.P., Helmville, MT


"Hey Shana, I wanted to thank you again for today's session... you gave me a lot to consider... after walking home I wrote it all down... it is a great map of tools that I am really grateful for... thanks!"
-- K.R., Missoula


"Shana, your work is deeply healing and transformative. Thank you."  
-- L.J., Missoula


"Hello Shana. I want to thank you for your healing touch. I have to admit that I have little understanding of how or why it works, but I know based on my experience with you that it does work. More energy. Less pain. More "happy".  Less fret. It is rare to have one on one contact of more than 45 minutes in any professional setting, and 90 minutes is a luxury. Thank you for using your gift to enrich and empower the lives of so many."  
-- K.T., Missoula


"When your hands are holding my head, supporting me, I feel like it is the Universe holding and supporting me ever so lightly and gently, but also strong, safely, like I'm floating in water or light."  
-- L.H., Missoula


" I've had a lot of body work and energy work. Yours goes deeper than anyone else's." 
-- N.D., Hot Springs


"You have a gift, a rare gift." 
-- D.S., Missoula