Body Awareness

You can't heal what you can't feel.

Most of us are conditioned culturally to place the requirements of work, family life and athletic achievement before our own sense of well being. Listening to our body may seem self-indulgent, a guilty pleasure like chocolate for breakfast. Or for those of us who have suffered emotional and physical trauma earlier in life, the idea of truly listening to the body may seem frightening. But if we make it a habit not to listen to the messages our body is whispering, they will gradually get louder and louder until they turn into screams of pain. Pain is a messenger of damage to the physical or emotional body. If we ignore it or mask it with drugs -- legal or illegal -- the damage continues. Pain medication is necessary in acute and extreme situations, but cannot take the place of addressing the message it is trying to communicate if we wish to heal rather than simply keep pain manageable.

Repetitive motion, such as walking on a treadmill, invites us to tune out the body and listen to ITunes instead. We have a choice to move while listening to the body, paying attention to the "felt sense" that directs us toward self-regulation and self-healing. We can develop a habit of quieting the mind, breathing deeply, and letting movement arise from deep within. This way we can truly tune into the "I" within the physical body.    

~ Welcome Home to Yourself! ~ 

You can take what you learn and apply it to all activities in your life to stretch your limits safely and without doing more harm to yourself, while increasing mobility, strength and endurance.