What I do

Treatment takes place on a massage table, but the client stays dressed in comfortable, lose fitting clothing. Every client receives 60 to 90 minutes of my undivided attention.

At the core of my approach to healthcare lies a deep respect for the innate intelligence of the body. I do not know the complex sequence of events necessary to heal a paper cut, but my body does. So I start treatments with very light touch and the silent question to the body: "How can I assist in your process today?" 

From head to toe, I find the areas in the connective tissue (fascia) that are tense, stuck, dry or congested. With light touch and energy I help the tissues to release tension and restore proper fluid flow. This is especially important in the central nervous system, where the balanced flow of cerebro-spinal fluid is vital to the function of the brain and spinal cord. 

By optimizing central nervous system functions and energy flow, I support your body's self-regulation and self-healing.