SomatoEmotional Release

The impact on a body from an accident, disease, stressful situation, or emotionally devastating experience can extend far beyond the obvious physical effects. Traumatic energy that cannot travel unimpeded through the body may be stored, suppressed, and isolated within the body subconsciously long after the original problem seems to be healed, forming what Dr. John Upledger called "energy cysts." Over time complications arise that just won't go away. 

This is where the process of SomatoEmotional Release can provide relief. Applying compassionate listening skills and light touch to the fully clothed body, SomatoEmotional Release allows for the identification and release of energy cysts along with their associated emotions.

The CranioSacral rhythm, a contraction-expansion of the head and spinal cord that can be felt throughout the body by trained hands, provides exact feedback for the process of SomatoEmotional Release. The therapist does not have to rely solely on her/his intuition as far as the relevance and accuracy of the information made conscious through the process is concerned. An abrupt stop in the CranioSacral Rhythm indicates a "significance detector." The rhythm stays quiet until the desired release is achieved, or until some subconscious defense attempts to divert the attention away from the unresolved issue. In this way, the significance detector acts as the internal GPS system for our healing journey.