Many healing traditions around the globe honor the balanced flow of a life force as the basis of health in an individual as well as the environment. In China and Japan this life force is called Chi or Qi, and the traditional healing with acupuncture and Qigong is based on an extremely sophisticated understanding of the flow of Chi though a network of channels called meridians. Yoga is based on the Indian understanding of the flow of Prana through the body and the balanced function of energy centers called the Chakras. These healing modalities have been in use for some 3000 years, compared to our 70 plus years of modern pharmaceutica. Chi, Prana, or bioenergy, can be felt with the naked hand, and as a flow within one's own body, with a little training and a lot of practice. An abundance of free flowing, well balanced bioenergy is experienced as a state of robust well being. 

Bioenergy is not easily quantifiable. Neither are love, happiness, resilience, a sense of belonging, purpose and meaning - among other intangibles that make life worth living. Feeling more energetic, balanced, peaceful, confident, and connected to a power greater than ourselves following treatment does not meet the criteria for an "evidence based" Western medical intervention, but when we experience such a sense of well being, we could not care less. 

My training in the use of bioenergy for healing purposes includes Therapeutic Touch, Energy Balancing, and Reiki. I also experienced Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga in my own healing journey following my introduction to the concept of Chi through Tae Kwon Do, the Korean form of self defense. Rather than breaking bricks, I use bioenergy in combination with my manual therapy for better outcomes and faster healing. Acute injuries such as strains and sprains show a vastly accelerated healing response when bioenergetic balancing is applied within minutes of the injury. Being a very active person, I have made this observation on my own body on more than one occasion. Bioenergetic Therapy is highly effective in animals and newborn babies, so it is not necessary to "believe" in it to receive its benefits.