Welcome Home to Yourself!


And welcome to my wellness practice in the heart of Missoula!

I call it Shana's Heart of Healing because I work with heart to get to the heart of any issue that is holding you back, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Body, mind and spirit are not separate entities – they work together as one. You can heal the body through the mind, or the mind through the body. My way of healing is through body work. Using gentle touch, I help you release tension, pain and energy blocks down to the deepest levels. I facilitate your innate self-healing potential and personal evolution. I guide you to re-discover your own Inner Wisdom that already has the answers to all your questions. You are embarking on an amazing journey of Self discovery, and I am honored to be your travel companion until you don't need my help anymore.


Moira’s Gift


I did not grow up with horses, so I don’t consider myself an expert horsewoman. I never had any intention of raising and training a young horse. That is a job for experts. But when we brought my old mare Sweet home to the little farm near Arlee, she needed a companion horse.

We borrowed one from the neighbor and instantly liked the smart old quarter horse. Within months, the neighbors gave her away to their granddaughter and we had to say goodbye to Lena. Next came Hottie, a cute little paint mare. Just as we were getting familiar with each other, the neighbors sold her. They replaced Hottie with her yearling filly Comfy. She was a scrawny, shy little thing when she first arrived, but she got along famously with my old mare. Sweet never had a foal of her own. Now she got to play a mother role. My partner Jim fell in love with a horse for the first time in his life. Right from the start there was a special bond between him and the little black filly. So when the neighbors indicated that she would be sold, we bought her. Oh my.

We decided to rename her. As a yearling she was no longer “Comfy”. She was very active and always in trouble. Sitting out in the pasture and observing her, I meditated on her true name. What came up was the name Moira. I thought it was Irish, but Google said it was Greek for ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’. And so it was.

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