Welcome Home to Yourself!


And welcome to my wellness practice in the heart of Missoula!

I call it Shana's Heart of Healing because I work with heart to get to the heart of any issue that is holding you back, be it physical, emotional or spiritual. 

Body, mind and spirit are not separate entities – they work together as one. You can heal the body through the mind, or the mind through the body. My way of healing is through body work. Using gentle touch, I help you release tension, pain and energy blocks down to the deepest levels. I facilitate your innate self-healing potential and personal evolution. I guide you to re-discover your own Inner Wisdom that already has the answers to all your questions. You are embarking on an amazing journey of Self discovery, and I am honored to be your travel companion until you don't need my help anymore.


Fall Into Winter

When I see my friend Evy on our way to the office and I ask: "How are you doing?", she knows it is a real question, and her answer might be something like: "Sufficiently challenged!

This year has most certainly brought sufficient challenges. Only one thing is certain these days: everything is changing -- the climate, society, technology, economy, and even the geomagnetic field of the planet. What I have learned and observed about the human psyche shows me that nothing is more frightening to our survival self than the unpredictable, the unknowable. A little bit is fun, like going on a rollercoaster ride. It releases just enough adrenaline to make us feel alive, tingling with exitement. But changing everything at once is frightening.

Albert Einstein mused, the most important question is: is the universe benign? In other words: can we feel safe in a rapidly changing world?

Feeling safe is at the core of our pain perception.

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